Atomïc Füngüs

Atomic Fungus is popping up everywhere. Thriving for years in the underbelly of San Francisco's music scene, the band is positioned to explode onto the airwaves with their 2009 debut album, Shroom Fume, and its breakout single, "Gears of War." They wrap their topical lyrics in Zappa-esque time signatures combined with sentimental melodies a la Journey and deliver them with System of a Down–like impact. Enrapt fans have a name for the new genre they are pioneering: Death Lounge Fusion.

In addition to playing with Atomic Fungus, the band members — Cole Berliner (guitar), Kyle Burke (bass), Cesar Hamilton (guitar), and Sacha McElligott (drums) — frequently perform with the School of Rock and Rock Project.

The band members, who have known one another since kindergarten, leveraged a passion for card trading, noise making, and considered socio-political views to contribute a new voice to modern music. Dylan Brock, lead guitarist for Luce, remarked after one of their performances, "Yo that gave me chills! No joke." To date, the band has garnered at least one Facebook fan and several MySpace profile views. Thousands of listeners here and abroad have experienced their infectious offerings at events ranging from benefits (Concert for Community) and community service days (Target Family Days) to celebrity weddings (sorry, non-disclose). Their extensive volunteer efforts are underwritten by their robust merchandising program run by professional designers, photographers, filmmakers, and retailers.

In short, Atomic Fungus is unstoppable. Look for their next single, "Gone Fission," in October 2011.

For more information or to book Atomic Fungus, contact  . Please note that the band members are ages 12 to 14 and can be booked at venues admitting all-age audiences.